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Interlocking Shetland Sheepdog Club
of Monee


April 6, 2007
Judges:     Conformation - Barbara Wright               Obedience- Sue Hemminger
Best Of Breed - Ch. Wile E. Coyote, Sire: Ch. Fairpointe's Endeavor,
Dam: Ch. Kiefert Sunrise Glory
Breeder: Diane Keck, Owners: Ann Sallay, Sue Thill, Betty O'Neill
B.O.W./WD - Adair Destination, Sire: Lynnlea's The Ring Bearer,
Dam: Adair Always On Your Mind, Breeder/Owner: Linda Moore
B.O.S./WB -  Carloway Crescent Moon, Sire: Willow Coves Prize Patrol,
Dam: Ch.Carloway La Luna, Breeder/Owner: Susan Christie
RWD - Belmark Patent Pending, Sire: Bach Scout's Honor, Dam: Bach Belmark Elite,
Breeder/Owner Bella Thompson RWB - Carloway Contessa, Sire: Carloway Dealers Choice, Dam: Carloway Bi Way Of Starrdust, 
Breeders/Owners: Susan Christie & Connie Giacinto
HIT/HC - Fretlins Joyful Boy Trevor, UDX2, Sire: Jaden's The Democrat,
Dam: Fretlins In It For Love, Breeder: Rose Fretts, Owner: Dolores Gandolfi
April 7, 2007
Judges:   Conformation-Bernadette Biasi,  Sweepstakes-Carol Smith,   
Obedience-Fred Buroff
Best Of Breed-Ch. Twin Acres Love On The Rocks, Sire Ch. Kambria Baffin Bay, Dam: Ch.  Barwood's Endless Love, Breeders: Ellen Ball, Beckie Bolton, & Barbara Thompson,
 Owners: Francis & Sharon Edler
B.O.W./WD - Adair Destination, Sire: Lynnlea's The Ring Bearer,
Dam: Adair Always On Your Mind,Breeder/Owner: Linda Moore
- Citation Fever Pitch, Sire: Ch. Sunebank Careleon Quest,
Dam: Ch. Citation Edge Of A Party, Breeder/Owner: Jane Howard
RWD - Karmuns Peacekeeper, Sire: Ch. Karmuns Justice Is Served,
Dam: Karmuns One Wish, Breeder/Owner: Karen Munster
- Cataways Graigmour On A Whim, Sire: Ch. Dury Voe Wintergreen,
Dam: Ch. Cataway On Angels Wings, Breeder: Patty Page,
Owners: Anita Paul & Patty Pag
BIS - Stasec's Tequilla Rose, Sire: Ch. Starrdust New Beginning,
Dam: Stasec's Sierra Mist, Breeder/Owners: Ann Sallay,Sue Thill, Betty O'Neill
HIT - Wind Dance's First Edition, Sire: Ch. Dury Voe Zydeco,
Dam: Wind Dance Solo Performance,Breeder/Owner: Marilyn Armstrong
HC -  Wind Dance Misty Eyed Gal, Sire: Ch. Kiefert Wile E. Coyote,
Dam: Wind Dance Burning  Spirit, Breeders: Anthony Framke & Marilyn Armstrong,
Owner: Kathryn Ruhland



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