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When leaving a deposit with a breeder to reserve a puppy, be sure you get a receipt and that the receipt says exactly what you expecting to buy. While the litter may be too young for a specific puppy to be selected, you have the right to know you will be getting what you want. Have the breeder put on the receipt what sex, adult size, and color puppy your money is holding. If you require a particular temperament or a particular reason (agility, therapy) be sure that is on the receipt too. In addition under Illinois law, you have the legal right to a full refund if you cancel within 72 hours of leaving the deposit.

Be sure to discuss with the breeder the term and/or conditions wherein the deposit would be refunded. Add it to the receipt.  Interlocking  Shetland Sheepdog Club of Monee, Inc does not intervene in money matters between parties. Therefore make sure you know up front the terms to which you are agreeing when leaving a deposit with a breeder.

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Are you looking for a puppy?  The following breeders in our club are listed below and they may or may not have puppies available at this time. 
Please Read This First........   Concerned breeders of Shetland Sheepdogs are striving to produce healthy shelties and to decrease the incidence of heritable diseases in the breed.     Hip dysplasia, eye diseases like collie eye anomaly (CEA) and progressive retinal atrophy (PRA), dermatomyositis (Sheltie Skin Syndrome) and vonWillebrand"s Disease (vWD, a blood clotting disorder) are some of the known health problems of the Sheltie. Although these problems are NOT common, the Board of the American Shetland Sheepdog Association recommends that questions about the health of the dog and its relatives be asked when inquiring about purchasing a puppy, the use of a stud dog and/or the acceptance of a bitch for breeding. 

Do the parents and other relatives have OFA or Penn-Hip numbers indicating no hip dysplasia is present in the line?   Do the dogs have a CERF number or does the breeder have a form from a veterinary ophthamologist showing normal eyes? Do they have a letter showing no presence of the vWD gene? Are all the dogs thyroid normal?   Concerned, caring breeders will readily and happily supply you with all the above information. While problems can still occur and no one can totally guarantee they won't (except for vWD), dogs from tested parents have a very high chance of being clear and living long, happy lives.   Expect your sheltie to live into its teens.





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